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18 May, 2021 Prabu No Comments

The app is really good. Some ways you could improve are don’t add so much stuff to the subscription, but add more to the free version. By doing this, more people could get the app, and not have to erase everything just to color it again! So, if you add more coloring pages to the free version, then more people could see how fun the game is, and then want the subscription. My kids don’t have the subscription, so this is from another point of view. Also, please make the opening to the app not “BUY THE SUBSCRIPTION AFTER WE SHOW YOU WHAT YOU COULD DO” just make the app open right to the coloring pages. Then maybe ten or twenty minutes after you open it, it asks you to subscribe? Thank you! Other than those things, this app is really fun, and my little kids really enjoy it.

Please take these things into account, and please reply back!

Scarlet America

We’re thrilled your kids enjoy our app! Thank you for your feedback! ✨

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