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7 Jul, 2021 Prabu No Comments

So I’ve been playing Draw Climber for a few months now and up until recently it’s been a good experience. When I first got the game the offline earning system didn’t work at all, so I didn’t pay much attention to it. However, when it did start working I put a lot of work into upgrading my coins per hour. About 90% of the time I opened the app, the purpose was to upgrade my coins per hour, with a few games on the side. I did this to the point of getting ~8,000 coins per hour with hopes of getting eventually to 50,000 coins per hour. One day I was doing my routine upgrades when I noticed that the cost had sunk way down. My heart dropped when I saw that the coins per hour were capped at 1,016 coins per hour and the speed capped at 101. Since then my experience through the over 500 levels that I have played had all been for nothing, and my experience has been ruined. I’d uninstall if I didn’t have hope for what could be to come. I beg of you, developers, please remove the upgrade cap. It’s unnecessary and can only lessen the experience of players like me. There could be no harm to other players as the game is just against CPU’s, so there is absolutely no reason to cap out the upgrades. Thank you.

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