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18 May, 2021 Prabu No Comments

this game is very fun, no doubt about that. i play it very often and it always keeps me entertained. the controls, sound & photo quality, along with the timing are all well done. it very accurate to the real friday night funkin. but i have some requests and comments.

1. week 7!!
having a week 7 update would be absolutely amazing! it would be an amazing addition and id appreciate it a lot :)!! ive wanted to play it ever since i heard the soundtrack and i bet it’s the same for many other players.

2. more mods!
considering the facet that this game is called “FNF MODS” i’d expect there to be plenty of mods, but there’s unfortunately only 3. so if you could, please try your best to get some more if you have the time.

3. difficulty controls!
i cant tell what the current difficulty controls are, it seems pretty up and down. so maybe if we could control the challenges it would be even bette than it already is.

and please, if you’re working on any of my requests currently, please have no rush. i bet there’s a lot more to come then just my requests and a lot of things at once can get very stressful. so please don’t push your limits and take your time. anything you do would be amazing and i will appreciate anything that comes. thank you for reading!!

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