‎Friday Night Music Funkin Game on the App Store Download

18 May, 2021 Prabu No Comments

Hi, I have recently downloaded this game, like a minute or so ago, and I like it, tho I want to recommend a few things, firstly I’d the option to swap camera angles to sideway, like what you would see in kingdom rush where the screen is sideways, secondly is more weeks, it’s nice seeing 2 out of the 6 weeks in the game and a total of 3 levels, tho a person would get bored just doing one song, which brings me into my third one, more songs, as in like fresh for dad and south for skid and pump, and finally my fourth one is a difficulty selector, this one is just my personal preference but I like doing hard mode a lot more then normal and easy, but there is no way to change the difficulty

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