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18 May, 2021 Prabu No Comments

I really want to use Chrome over Safari as that is the case on my macbook. I recently noticed Chrome has undergone some improvements, like being able to type a URL instead of a google search in the search bar so I thought I’d give it another try. After a few days , I’ve come to the conclusion this app is still not good enough. It loads pages faster than Safari, but lacks in many other aspects.

There is something about the Safari app that makes it easier to browse. Maybe it’s that as soon as you open a new tab, it has your favorite sites as opposed to the recent ones like on Chrome. Password auto fill doesn’t always work properly, swiping down to reload the page only works if you’re at the top of the page or it’s a 2step process – same thing to close a tab; in fact, everything feels like a two step process. The 3 swipe gestures (close, reload, new tab are practically useless),

Chrome is just not as user friendly as its counterpart. Today I was trying to search a keyword on a document, but Chrome wouldn’t let me tap on “find in page” so i had to open Safari to do it. So that was it, I have now switched back to Safari and I’m writing this review in hope that the app is improved!

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