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6 Jun, 2021 Prabu No Comments

I love the idea behind this game and have played a few levels of each difficulty setting. I’ve found issues with the phrasing of some of the questions, particularly in comma usage. You have to be careful when listing things because commas in a series may sometimes read as nonessential phrases and it really throws off the logic part of the puzzle. I read one once that was along the lines of “Tina, the person who scored a 67, and (someone else) took the easy, hard, and impossible tests” (note, I’m paraphrasing the clue itself, but not the structure of the sentence). The phrasing here makes it seem like Tina scored a 67, but this was not the case. Little things like that go a long way, especially when you only get three mistakes in a level.

Also, the amount of Ads is frankly annoying. One plays after every single level, sometimes even interrupting my level while I’m still working on it. I understand that ad revenue is where the developers get their money, but I would seriously consider paying for an ad-free version of this game. That’s not currently an option that I could find.

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