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18 May, 2021 Prabu No Comments

You see, I’m on ipad I think the game is really good but it’s very different from the pc version. I’m talking, lots of adds, less weeks and songs, smaller screen, and etc. You also can’t choose difficulties. But all negative things aside, this is a really good game. You can tell the developers put lot of effort into it, and the drawings are amazing. Plus the songs, they are really well done. Props for those people! But things you could improve are, bigger screen and show the other opponents keys/ arrows. Add all of the songs in, it’s just not the same without all three for each week. Add all the weeks in too please. Also less adds. But when you go onto this app on pc you can have, mods, more songs, all the weeks, selections for difficulty and story mode, and it’s better overall. If your on mobile I do recommend a version on Roblox, it’s called (right now) Funny Friday but it changes when it has more updates. It has mod songs and the original songs too. But still, play this game because it’s the original and it’s still really good. If you don’t want to play the roblox version, I recommend pc more then mobile for this app. That’s all pretty much. But yes, pc is better for this game.

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