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18 May, 2021 Prabu No Comments

Okay soo….I downloaded this game like two days ago and I really really liked it. BUT after 10 minutes it started getting boring. I played it again today and really started to dislike it. The designs started getting kinda old. So that was problem number 1.

Problem number 2 is that it has a lot of ads. Usually when a game has so much ads I just turn off my WiFi. So I turned off my WiFi but the game kept crashing. So basically there is no way to avoid these inappropriate ads that children my age shouldn’t see.

Problem number 3 is that it has no DIY in it whatsoever! You literally spray paint on a case and call it DIY? Seriously?! Whoever came up with the “DIY” part of the title made a HUGE mistake.

But the biggest problem is the inappropriate traumatizing terrible ads. I was playing this game with my best friend and we literally had to close our eyes before the “X” showed up so we could click off that ad.

Editors if you are reading this, please fix these ads. I understand that is how you get money since this game is free, but it makes the entire game worse. I had this game for three days and already deleted it because of the awful ads and that it got really boring. I honestly never really liked CrazyLabs and now that I got this game I realized that I hate it. Sorry for the harshness trying to be helpful for the people who might waste their storage and time downloading this game. Thank you for reading.

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