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18 May, 2021 Prabu No Comments

Okay, the game is okay but, you guys need to fix ALOT. There are
SO many ads. When ever i choose my clay and fix it, it just goes to an ad then when I finally am done with the ad, I do the accessories, And then another ad pops up. When I’m finally done With the clay sculpture, another ad pops up. Second thing, you can’t choose a skin color that you want. What I mean is you can’t like choose any colored skin you want so you can’t choose like, blue for the skin color. You can only use the colors the game choose’s so no creativity is available. Third thing, you can like mess up if you want, like you can’t leave the clay in a bad circle and move on to the next thing, so you can’t do what you want. Forth thing, this does not make me to mad, but can you make more accessories so we can be more creative? Fifth thing, whenever I have the Audio on when I’m on the game, the music is so weird, like i hear people SCREAMING then i hear happy music. Sixth thing, you can’t choose who you would want to sculpt. Like, i couldn’t go on it and choose who i want to make. I would only be able to make who the picture is supposed to be. There is a lot to be desired. I would 100% not recommended this game to anyone.


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