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12 Jul, 2021 Prabu No Comments

Let me say first that this game is so much fun! The graphics are beautiful, I love the wide variety of clothes, and I especially enjoy the fact that you can spend time and make friends with Nikki. Ever since I downloaded this game it’s taken up a lot of my schedule, I just can’t stop playing!

My one gripe with this game is the lack of different skin tones in the dress-up section. While I do understand that the official Nikki is light-skinned, in previous games, different skin colors were added so you can choose to have Nikki look more like the player. I’ve seen others (mostly people of color) complain about this as well – there aren’t nearly enough skin tones to represent the wide range of players.

I’d like to recommend, instead of having a select few skin colors to choose from, there can be a color-slider-type feature where you can manually change the darkness, saturation, and temperature of the skin (I add saturation and temperature because as an art major they are incredibly important when coloring skin in artwork). I think this would be more than enough to solve the issue, and provide a wide variety of customizable skin tones so that the entire playerbase can feel included in this beautiful game.

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