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6 Jun, 2021 Prabu No Comments

I love this game ands it’s amazing. My mom let me have slime at my old house but I moved to a new house and she banned slime from the new house. So, this game is my alternative. This game has improved SO MUCH since I first downloaded it and it’s developed very well. However I have a few ideas… 1: There could be a shop where you can sell your slimes and other people can buy them for coins…2: more realistic ingredients, for example, you could choose which glue, activator, and other stuff you would like to put in your slime, also more realistic animations…3: you can choose if you want the slime to take up the whole screen, be in a jar, or on a flat surface like a table while you are playing with it…4: a customizable option where there are charts and you can select certain things like the firmness of the slime, the stability, and jiggle of the slime…5: like my other idea where you can sell slime to other people, it could be more public where you can friend and trade people…6: Requests, there could be like AI bots and they could “request” a slime for money… and the request could be something like “Something pink” or “something blue with glitter” and different customer requests could have a different difficulty, meaning if they have a low difficulty they are easy to please; but if they have a high difficulty they are much harder to please. I hope you take my ideas into consideration… thank you!😁

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