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18 Jun, 2021 Prabu No Comments

1st I would like to point out that their game advertisements are deceiving… i down loaded this game because the ad showed a cube that made it more like a puzzle game although, we were “supposedly” able to match the pieces from different angles… it appealed to me so I downloaded the app! & quickly found it wasn’t at all what they advertised…, it was a match game I have seen advertisements for plenty of times but was never drawn to it! Ok w/ that said being board stuck at home I decided to give it a go.., it’s free, w/ the option to buy “extras” & as w/ any free game you have to deal w/ the ads! I don’t mind dealing w/ the ads before each new level BUT I do have a problem w/ ads interrupting while playing the game! Mind you, you are given a certain amount of time to complete each challenge! So the worst thing that can happen when your on a roll! Is loose eyes on the screen because.., they decided to throw in some ads! When I have to deal w/ this sort of thing in games as often as it happens here, I tend to get aggravated and this game w/ probably only get played once in a while… if even that considering it wasn’t / isn’t what I wanted when downloaded it to begin w/! The only thing I find appealing is the challenge of trying to beat the clock., other than that the game is a “no brainer” ( pun intended) if your looking for something more challenging for the brain… this isn’t it..,

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