4 Years of ‘KGF Chapter 1’: The day Yash put the Kannada industry on the global map! | Kannada Movie News

Rocking Star Yash’s blockbuster ‘KGF Chapter 1’ completes 4 years today, a record breaking film at the box office and marked the start of the entire nation catching up with Kannada cinema. Though Tamil and Telugu cinema was always popular but with the huge success of “KGF Chapter 1” and Yash’s sheer effort, conviction, belief and dedication, today Kannada industry needs no introduction among cinema. – the joelas

The way Yash’s stardom catapulted around the world after the release of ‘KGF Chapter’ is incredible beyond the borders where the audience is waiting for ‘KGF’ Chapter. The drive and longing for a sequel to a never-before-seen movie among the audience.

Bringing never-before-seen action and fury to the screens, Yash introduced the audience to a Rocky Bhai character that created a huge fan base across the globe. Rocky Bhai’s honesty, confidence and rage have resonated and stayed with people

With the release, Yash won the hearts of the audience and created historic box office records globally. Also, after the huge success of ‘KGF Chapter 1’, ‘KGF 2’ came as a light storm breaker upon its release. Collecting a whopping amount of 54 Cr on the opening day of any 2022 film to accelerate Yash’s stardom to new heights, the success of ‘KGF 2’ is truly exemplary. create records

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