Aaj Tak and India TV air BJP promotional content as news

To observers of the decline of television media, it may not seem strange that Indian news anchors sit inside BJP headquarters to host shows broadcasting party propaganda. But what if they broadcast bytes and upload videos from a BJP publicity arm?

After the last election, the tone of television media coverage suggested that the results were all in favor of the BJP, although the party lost the Himachal Pradesh assembly polls and the Delhi municipal elections while registering a historic win. in Gujarat. And in the race for channels to heap praise on the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, two shows Ahh Tak and Indian television on December 11th it took it up a notch, lifting all the bytes The Modi Story – He published a BJP-related Twitter handle and website a month ago.

To unsuspecting viewers, this may appear as copyrighted content Ahh Takwhich was hosted by Shweta Singh and Indian televisionIt was anchored by journalist Pawan Nara .

Singh, Nara and the editors of both channels have yet to respond news laundry’s requests for comments. This report will be updated if a response is received.

BJP IT cell and The Modi Story

The The Modi Story A website to share memories of people who have observed PM Modi closely. It was inaugurated on March 26 by Sumitra Gandhi Kulkarni, Mahatma Gandhi’s great-granddaughter, and the BJP released a video of the event, calling the effort a volunteer-led initiative.

Modi and various union ministers often promote and give interviews to the website. On Twitter, he follows a large number of BJP ministers and leaders while the account only follows PM Modi.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, an employee of the BJP IT cell said, “The Modi Story It is a platform of BJP IT cell. Its functioning is monitored by an officer working in the PMO. The IT cell helps.’

Most of the videos The Modi Story they also appear on the website NarendraModi.in and the NaMo app, whose Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Nodal and Local Grievance Officer is BJP IT cell chief Amit Malviya.

When asked Ahh Tak and Indian television Taking permission to use these bytes in their shows, Malviya said, “They don’t need it. We don’t have copyright on our content and anyone is free to use it as long as they give credit. In fact, we encourage people to visit our websites and digital platforms to view our content and appropriate to be used as they say”.

He continued, “Interest in everything related to PM Modi is huge and it shows in our traffic. It includes media, academics and researchers who use our content as an input for political literature and multimedia content. We do not and have never felt the need to push anyone. to use our content and/or ask them to do specific programs… They use our content, photos and videos all the time and we’re fine with that. It’s open source for anyone to choose from… No coercive action required.”

Let’s see the bytes used in both sessions.

From former ministers to local leaders

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