Acclaimed Malayalam cinematographer Sudheesh Pappu dies at 44

Pappu’s last film was ‘Appan’ which released on an OTT platform last month. He was also the cinematographer of films like ‘Njan Steve Lopez’ and ‘Eeda’.

A film he shot ends with the dangerous sight of a young man, unaware of the raised dagger going to stab him from behind. Another shows the various moods and tantrums of a vicious old man with close-ups of his cruel laugh and long shots of his despicable self stretched out on a bed. The latter would be the last film Sudheesh Pappu, known to his friends as Pappu, would shoot. November, 44, died on Monday, November 14, after a long illness from amyloidosis, a condition that causes protein to build up in the heart, liver and/or other organs.

That the last movie was App, about a cruel old man’s relationship with his family, was released last month. I like it AppMost of the films that Pappu was a part of were critically acclaimed, starting with Srinath Rajendran. Second Show. Pappu shot to limelight after being photographed by famous photographer Rajeev Ravi. Njan Steve Lopez. The night shots when the movie started were a revelation for moviegoers. He worked in the cinematography unit of Rajeev Ravi’s other three films.

“He was incredibly talented. Even when we were filming App, he had some health problems. But no one realized that it would be so serious,” says the director of Maju App. Initially, Rajeev Ravi was supposed to do the cinematography of the film. But when he couldn’t, Pappu stepped up after the team insisted on it.

“It’s a film that mostly takes place in the same place. Pappu assured that the audience would not get monotonous seeing the same place beautifully set. As the film progressed, he became increasingly unwell and Vinod (another cinematographer) had to take over. Pappu still came for a few more days when he got better. Such was his dedication. He had no desire for fame and was happy to be a part of good cinema,” added Maju.

Pappu also directed Sajin Babu’s camera Ayaal Sassi Starring Sreenivasan and B Ajithkumar EedaA romance centered on political Kannur.

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