Actor-politician Jayasudha critcises Indian government, says ‘they don’t appreciate, recognise South cinema’

Jayasudha recently appeared on a talk show hosted by Nanadamuri Balakrishna along with Jaya Prada. He stated that Kangana Ranaut received the Padma Shri after working in only 10 films. Veteran telugu actor south actors are not given by govt.

Latha Srinivasan

Chennai,UPDATED: 24 Dec 2022 21:11 IST

Author: Latha Srinivasan: 2022 was the year south Indian cinema struck gold at the box office, not just in India but globally. The pandemic has changed the worldview of Indian cinema, especially South Indian cinema. However, there are some South Indian actors who feel that the Indian government does not need to give to South cinema. Jayasudha and Jaya Prada have now expressed their concern.


Actress and politician Jayasudha has done commendable work in Southern cinema. He also received five Nandi Awards and five Filmfare Awards South.

Jayasudha recently participated in the Unstoppable talk show with NBK hosted by Nanadamuri Balakrishna at Aha. On the show, he pointed out that Bollywood actresses like Kangana Ranaut have been awarded a Padma Shri after working in only 10 films, but actresses who have worked in the film industry for many decades are not given any recognition for their work. He was specifically talking about actors in the southern film industry.

Jayasudha said, “I am happy with Kangana Ranaut getting the Padma Shri. She is an amazing actress. However, she received this award in 10 films. Here, we have worked in many films, but without recognition from the government.”

Actress Jaysudha Varisu added, “Even Vijaya Nirmala, the Guinness World Records female director, has not received such appreciation. Sometimes I feel bad that the South is not appreciated by the government.”


Actress and BJP politician Jaya Prada also co-starred with Jayasudha.

He told NBK that they should not ask for recognition, but that it should come from the government itself. As Jayaprada points out, “we should get it by respecting and not asking for it”.

Interestingly, Jaya Prada acted in the 2013 film Rajjo opposite Kangana Ranaut, Janakidevi. He became an active politician in 1994 and was a deputy from 2004 to 2014.

Jaya Prada wants Bharat Ratna to be awarded to NT Rama Rao.

Jayapradha then added, “I applied for Bharat Ratna when I was an MP for NTR. Even today, I am trying to consider my appeal.”

NT Rama Rao aka NTR was an iconic legend in Telugu cinema and the then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. It is still revered by fans in Telugu speaking states.

Nandamurali Balakrishna agreed with Jayasudha and Jayaprada that actors from the South should be recognised.

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