Adil Hussain on self-censoring on social media, pan-India success of South films and more

Adil Hussain on Twitter on self-censorship of individual success of South films and more

Adil Hussain on Twitter self-censorship, success of South films in India and more

Having been in the industry for several years now, Adil Hussain has carved out a niche for himself. Known for his impeccable performances in films such as Life of Pi, Hotel Salvation and English Vinglish, the actor spoke about issues that go beyond cinema and beyond. With over 75,000 users on Twitter and over 85,000 users on Instagram, Hussain has a huge fan following on social media. When asked if he believes in self-censorship on social media platforms, the actor explained why he regulates certain things.

“What I do is not for anything else, but I realize my work, mine swadharma (inner calling) is to create art. I’m not an expert on politics, I realized that we comment on things we have no clue about – politics, economics and everything else in the world,” he said. Zoom Digital TV in an exclusive interview, he added that what he knows about the world is through news channels and newspapers, and that he has not been in town to understand the reality of it all.


Hussain emphasized that as an artist he wants to unite the world, not divide it. “I haven’t moved to know what’s really going on in town and that’s not my interest. I love acting, I love cinema, I love theater, I love reading mysticism. That’s my field. So there’s something I have to put on Twitter, why should I put something that will be reactive? And as a practitioner of art my job is to bring people together, not to separate them. The other is not my job. My work has to become like glue. glue, to bring people together. That’s how I regulate myself,” he opines .


At a time when most films from southern cinema are doing very well at the box office, the actor explained why Bollywood films are not doing well. That he has not seen recent South movies including Telugu movies RRR and Kannada films KGF Chapter 2 and The songHussain said that their success can essentially be attributed to telling their own stories.

“I don’t think I’m an expert to talk about it… I haven’t seen a movie like it RRR, KGF and The song, so I don’t think I can talk about that,” he shared, adding, “But I think that’s — even if you’re not a very strong story, but you do it right and you follow the basic law. the story, given some complexity, works. Telling a story through films is a craft and I don’t think writing is given enough importance, especially in the Hindi film industry.’


Hussain points out that although things have improved now, writers are still the lowest paid in the industry. “They should be paid the most, more than the hero or heroines. Because they build the skeleton of a story and the director and the actors breathe life into it, writing is the shot. And we don’t spend enough money, time and energy in making the shot, that’s what I think in the industry problem,” he said.


The dried up The actor who was at Comic Con India also explained why he doesn’t want to be famous anymore. When asked about the turning point in his professional life, in terms of gaining fame in the industry, Hussain said, “No, I don’t think they know me yet… I don’t want everyone to know me, please, it’s a huge problem. I’d like to go out, walk around and do a bhelpuri I would. I don’t want to leave that life and I really pray to God – don’t make me more famous.”

Hussain said that this is also one of the criteria by which he selects his films. “Doing English Vinglih was one of the decisions I decided to make despite my wife. He asked me are you sure you want to do it because I think this is going to be a big movie. Because of that fear I said, I shouldn’t make a movie, it shouldn’t be like that. If I like the story, I’ll do it. It has to be a good story, but my intention is to remain relatively unknown and make small, meaningful films that survive. I’m happy to be that famous, I don’t want to be more famous. It worries me… I don’t want to move around with bodyguards on what will be the worst day of my life,” she explained.

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