Aeroplane wing transported in trailer crashes into KSRTC bus; several injured

Thiruvananthapuram: Several people were injured when the wing of an aircraft being transported on a trailer fell on a KSRTC bus. The incident took place near Balaramapuram junction on Wednesday morning. According to reports, more than five people, including the KSRTC bus driver, were taken to hospital. The national highway was jammed for several hours after the accident.

The trailer was carrying the wings and other parts of the aircraft to Hyderabad. The front part of the bus was completely destroyed in the accident.

The plane that crashed into the bus was an Airbus A320, which had been stored near the hangar unit at the Thiruvananthapuram airport since 2018, having been retired after 30 years of flying. The aircraft was used by engineering students to study its operation for the past four years.

After seeing that it can no longer be used for this purpose, the authorities decided to sell it for scrap. It was auctioned and Hyderabad resident Joginder Singh bought the plane for Rs 75 lakh. The plane was being dismantled and being transported on four trailers.

The tow truck driver fled the scene of the accident and police were unable to move the vehicle. The vehicle was then towed away by another tow truck driver.

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