Agreement reached between Italy and UK on exchange of driving licences without a test

An agreement between Italy and the United Kingdom was signed today to exchange driving licenses without the need for a test. British Ambassador Edward Llewellyn and Italian Ambassador to the UK Inigo Lambertini met this morning at the Italian Foreign Ministry in Rome to sign the agreement.

Thanks to the agreement, holders of driving licenses issued in the UK, Crown Dependencies and Gibraltar living in Italy will be able to apply to exchange their driving license for an Italian one*. The agreement also provides for the exchange of expired licenses [up to a period of 5 years/for up to 5 years after their date of expiry] as well as lost and stolen licenses, subject to domestic procedures.

The British ambassador to Italy, Ed Llewellyn, said today:

I am pleased to announce that, after many months of intensive work between London and Rome, an agreement has been reached with the Italian authorities which will allow UK license holders living in Italy to exchange their UK driving license for an Italian one. for any exam, both written and practical. This is great news for British citizens and UK graduates living in Italy.

It has been a complex negotiation. The agreement we reached is the result of very close cooperation with our Italian colleagues, reflecting the close ties between our countries. I would like to thank the Italian Government, as well as my colleagues in London and the British Embassy in Rome, for everything they have done to deliver this agreement.

We are now working hard with the Italian government to bring the agreement into force as soon as possible, once both parties have ratified it. In the meantime, we are making arrangements with the Italian authorities to ensure that UK licenses are accepted for an additional 12 months from 31 December 2022.

We will be updating the online Living in Guide and posting information on our social media over the coming days and weeks as matters develop.

Please refer to our FAQ for more information on the scope of the Agreement.

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