Andhra women self-isolate, starve citing COVID fear for 2 years, know what covid anxiety syndrome is all about

self isolate

In addition to malnutrition, both women are suspected of being mentally unfit and suffering from severe anxiety disorders (Representative Image)

New Delhi: A mother-daughter duo from Andhra Pradesh’s Kakinada district was forcibly admitted to a hospital where they have been staying for over two years since the government imposed a lockdown in March 2020.

The shocking incident came to light in Kuyyeru village earlier this week when the woman’s husband said they refused to open the door to get food and their condition was steadily deteriorating.

The health workers resisted because the women refused to open the door to the room. Female health workers finally had to convince them to open the door and forcibly take them to a local hospital.

According to reports, in addition to malnutrition, the two women are suspected to be mentally unfit and suffering from severe anxiety disorder.
A local news report said that Mani and his daughter Durga Bhavani were confined to their house after the outbreak of Covid in 2020. Although the pandemic was later brought under control, women remained isolated.

Mani’s husband was giving them food and water, but he was not allowed to enter the bedroom for the past week. He then turned to the local authorities.

Reports say that the women went into isolation after one of their neighbors died of Covid.

Covid and mental health issues

According to Healthline, several studies have been done to see the relationship between covid and mental health and a Lancet report said that 28% of people developed a mental health problem such as depression, insomnia, anxiety or dementia, with most being diagnosed. with covid According to the report, their risk was doubled compared to people who did not COVID-19.
According to Medical News Today, worldwide, more than 1.5 million mental health problems have been attributed to COVID-19.

What is covid anxiety syndrome?

According to reports published in PubMed, professors Ana Nikčević of Kingston University in London and Marcantonio Spada of London South Bank University developed the concept of the COVID-19 anxiety syndrome.

Nikčević and Spada have defined covid-19 anxiety syndrome as characterized by avoidance, compulsive symptom checking, preoccupation and threat monitoring.

This syndrome refers to the inability to leave the house due to the fear of COVID-19, frequent checking of symptoms despite not being in a high-risk scenario and avoiding social situations or people.

Researchers say that people with this syndrome tend to suffer from post-traumatic stress, general stress, anxiety, health anxiety and suicidal ideation.

A study published in Frontiers of Psychology says that there may be many other factors that determine whether a person is at risk of developing COVID-19 anxiety syndrome.

Lack of tolerance for uncertainty: Excessive worry and low tolerance for uncertainty have been identified as vulnerabilities to COVID-19, contributing to this phenomenon.

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