Annamalai’s Raphael watch controversy! – Afternoonnews

The issue of Raphael Watch worn by Annamalai has become a hot topic of discussion in Tamil Nadu today. All parties like DMK, Congress and Communists are criticizing it as it is seeking self-promotion by accusing the ruling DMK government without evidence. He is accused of half-hearted politics; he does not know political civility and the long list of attributes that put him on the wrong foot. However, Annamalai’s style of politics continues.
Today Raphael watches are in the market. How much is it? Rs.4 lakh? Where is the bill for that? When minister Senthilbalaji asked this, Annamalai said he would list the property details of DMK leaders without giving a straight answer. As Minister Senthilbalaji continues to show interest in this debate, “Is there a bill or not? We ask only one question. Can the answer be yes or no? Annamalai replied that the list will come in April and it will be sunny in May?”The discussion became more heated.
He expressed his greed that he will get 25 MLAs in the 2024 elections and write the final blow to the DMK. So it looks like Rafael’s issue won’t rest for now. Why is the DMK, which has been responding calmly so far, waging such a “retaliatory” war of words against Annamalai? DMK seems ready to respond in kind to Annamalai, who always makes baseless allegations against DMK and its leaders for political gain.

The silver lining is that the allegations he makes are baseless. Is the DMK who has been patient now angry? The development of Tamil Nadu calls for a lot of discussion. The ruling party and the opposition parties should come together to discuss in the people’s forum. That is for the welfare of the people of Tamil Nadu and not a trivial debate like Raphael’s watch.

People will never accept that unnecessary claims are made and the functioning of the government is not good for the people. In other words, political critics have also stated that doing all this to grow the party can be negative and not beneficial.

As Annamalai says, they can get 25 seats in the assembly elections…or not? The only real fact is that it appears regularly in newspapers and media. To be seriously listened to by the voters of Tamilnadu, he must put an end to the Raphael watch controversy first!

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