Bainsla’s Stand Is Conspiracy By Pilot’s Opponents: Gudha | Jaipur News

JAIPUR: Gujjar leader and a day later Vijay Bainsla Sachin Pilot, who had announced that he would oppose Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra unless he is named chief minister, the Pilot camp has now sensed a conspiracy in the leader’s statement.
the minister Rajendra Gudha and Deputy Indraj Gurjar he reported that Bath He was playing into the hands of the anti-BJP and anti-Pilot faction in the Congress. Leaders of the Pilot camp termed Bainsla’s statement as a conspiracy to defame the Pilot and Gurjar community.
“Those Congress people who were given notice for indiscipline are behind his conspiracy,” alleged Gudha.
Comparing Pilot with Abhimanyu in Mahabharat, War “His opponents are inventing new conspiracies, but the party high command is looking at the whole matter. Bainsla should also appear and say who are behind this conspiracy.”
“If the council wanted to oppose, oppose the government. He should not try to defame Sachin Pilot and the Gurjar community,” Gudha said while addressing a press conference.
“Bainsla tried to defame Pilot during the cremation ceremony of Colonel Kirori Bainsla in Pushkar recently where some ministers from the Gehlot camp were shown slippers by his supporters and Pilot was blamed,” Indraj Gurjar said. He said that Bainsla had conspired in Pushkar to overpower Pilot.
He said, “Bainsla has been asking for Pilot to be chief minister for two days. He is associated with BJP. He should talk about BJP. Pilot’s decision will be taken by the party high command,” Gurjar said.
“If the BJP wants to oppose the Bharat Jodo Yatra, do it openly instead of using a proxy,” challenged Gurjar, saying the yatra would be a historic success in the state. Gurjar said that there is no tradition in the Gurjar community to oppose the guest.
Gurjar said that Colonel Kirori Singh Bainsla has a lot of respect in the society but Vijay Bainsla who is called a leader and is a victim of someone’s political conspiracy. He said that if there is any disagreement on Gujjar reservation, Bainsla should negotiate with the government along with the MLAs of the community.

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