Bank loans sanctioned for families involved in ID liquor trade to provide alternative livelihood options, in Eluru district

According to Eluru SP Rahuldev Sarma

According to Eluru SP Rahuldev Sarma

Eluru District Collector V. Prasanna Venkatesh on November 2 assured that all families engaged in ID liquor production would be given bank loans to provide alternative livelihoods to make the village free from ID liquor production and trade.

Mr. Venkatesh and Eluru SP Rahuldev Sarma on Wednesday handed over checks of ₹ 60 lakh to 65 families who have previously engaged in ID liquor production in Eluru district. Most of the beneficiaries had previously served prison terms for engaging in the production and trade of ID liquor.

Police and district officials on Wednesday conducted an awareness programme, Parivarthan-2.0, in Chintalapudi village to create awareness about alternative livelihood options and support from the State government.

Bank loans

Sixty lakh loans have been sanctioned to 65 families to start various small scale business units including tea shops, cattle rearing, chicken shops and commodity shops as an alternative to ID liquor production. About 135 families have been involved in the production of ID liquor and all of them will be provided with alternative livelihoods under Parivarthana-2.0,” said Mr. Venkatesh.

According to Mr. SP Rahuldev Sarma, out of total 123 villages 111 villages were declared free from ID liquor production. SP explained the legal complications and acts that attract action against ID liquor producers.

The District Rural Development Authority has been given the task of processing and disbursing loans to beneficiaries.

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