Bengaluru public hospitals gear up to tackle new Covid-19 variant, admissions remain low

Due to the emerging situation of Covid-19 in various parts of the world, the Indian government has He gave instructions to the citizens, to improve the preparedness of hospitals and local health authorities for a potential virus. Meanwhile, hospitals in Bengaluru are ready to face any situation, doctors said.

Dr. HDR Radhakrishna, Medical Superintendent, Sir CV Raman General Hospital, said. “While it is too early to announce anything about the Omicron variant BF.7 strain, it is the holidays and people should follow Covid-19 protocols and maintain personal hygiene.”

“Our hospital has 50 beds reserved for Covid-19 patients since the last wave. So in case of another wave, it is to say that we are well equipped”, he added.

In a circular issued on December 22, the Karnataka government advised people to wear masks in closed spaces and to be tested and isolated if they have symptoms of Covid-19.

Dr Srikanth, an orthopedic surgeon at Bowring Hospital, said: “As of December 10, we had two patients infected with Covid-19. At the moment, we have only one. The hospital has around 60 beds and an ICU for patients infected with Covid-19.”

“Cases from other cities are often referred to our hospital. That’s why we’ve been prepared since the last season,” he said.

Dr. Srinivas, resident doctor at Victoria Hospital, said, “We are working to prepare a separate block for Covid-19 patients. We have dealt with around 15,000 cases in the previous waves. Although there is no specific input about the new variant, this time we are not afraid of the risk as we have recent experience.”

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