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Virologist Dr. Gagandeep Kang on Friday broke down the current Covid situation in India compared to China and said that India is doing well and will not require travel restrictions, but China will see “lots and lots of infections” similar to what India saw across the country. the second wave of the pandemic in April-May 2021, or January 2022. “At the moment, India is doing well. We have few cases, we’ve had XBB and BF.7 for a while and they haven’t driven an uptick. In India. Unless there’s an even more highly infectious variant, I don’t expect an uptick,” the virologist said. Read | Three reasons India won’t see a Covid wave like China’s

“Winter worsens pandemic situation in China”

Dr. Kang said China is opening up at a time when its population has low levels of exposure to natural infection. Because China’s vaccines are ineffective, Dr. Kang said the vaccines they provide work well to prevent serious illness and death, but are less effective than mRNA vaccines. “When many get sick, that includes healthcare workers. Understaffed and overburdened hospitals mean less patient care. Also in winter, other viruses/infections cause more hospitalizations (triple the rest of the world), making it a bad time for hospitals.”, said Dr. Kang.

‘No new variants’

Dr. Kang said the variants driving the surge in China have been around the world for months. The behavior pattern has not changed. “Also in India, we already have XBB and BF.7 (announced as 2 new monsters). Like all sub-variants of Omicron, they are very good at infecting people because they evade the immune response that prevents infection, but they are not causing more serious disease than delta ” said Dr. Kang.

“No sign of new wave in India; no travel restrictions required’

“Should we travel? Perception of risk again, but there’s no need to stop at this point. There is very little infection in India. Travel, wear a mask if you’re worried. Outside India, there are more infections in some places, wear a mask and go travel. (Not China at the moment ),” said Dr. Kang.

“Masking is of little use”

As the government asked people to dress up to stay safe, Dr Kang said it was important to understand the purpose of masking. For a healthy person, masking is of very little value, he said in his opinion. “If you have a respiratory infection, stay at home. If you have to go out, go in disguise. If you are vulnerable, stay in disguise in unfamiliar company or if someone around you is sick. If there are many infections/cases in the community, it is good to stay in disguise in the crowd,” he explained. said Dr. Kang.

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