Bhagwant mann visiting Chennai, Hyderabad for two days to meet with industrial tycoons, seek investment

Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann on Sunday embarked on a two-day industrial visit to Chennai and Hyderabad in an effort to convince investors to further boost industrial growth in the state.

On December 19, the CM arrived in Chennai, where he will meet business delegations and major corporations in an effort to secure investments and strategic alliances in key industries. He will also participate in interactive meetings with business leaders from Hyderabad on December 20.

The state is likely to gain a lot from Bhagwant Mann’s visit by attracting significant investment, technical know-how and expertise from large companies.

The Chief Minister will also invite businessmen to the Investment Summit, which will be hosted by the Punjab government on February 23 and 24 in Mohali.

The state government will do everything possible to make the state an industrial hub, Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann said, reiterating his firm commitment to the goal. Everything, according to him, is done to place the state on the high growth path of industrial development.

“I will personally showcase Punjab as a land of opportunity and growth for entrepreneurs. He expressed hope that this tour will be a milestone in giving a big boost to the industrial growth of the state,” said Bhagwant Mann.

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