Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 Highlights: Janany gets evicted

On Sunday (December 18), Kamal Haasan announced that Janany had been evicted from the show. He saved Azeem, Rachitha, Manikanta and ADK from elimination.

Janani K

Chennai,UPDATED: 19 Dec 2022 10:33 IST

Kamal Haasan announced that Janany was evicted from Bigg Boss Tamil season 6.

Kamal Haasan announced that Janany was evicted from Bigg Boss Tamil season 6.

Author: Janani K: On Sunday (December 18), Kamal Haasan kicked off Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 with a scathing criticism of the contestants. He said they all played an unfair game in the angels vs demons task. The previous day, all the contestants admitted that none of them played fair and broke the rules. He reminded the contestants once again to shuffle and switch places during the weekend episodes.


Kamal Haasan asked the contestants about the person who is a scene stealer and creates unnecessary fuss. Most of the contestants named Azeem and Dhanalakshmi. Azeem tried to justify himself, but Kamal Haasan shut him down, saying that he needed to change some qualities about himself.

The host also pointed out that Azeem has a habit of removing one’s profession in a discussion. He said this was not fair and asked her to stop it. He then revealed that Azeem was saved.

Here is the message:

This left Rachitha, Manikanta, Janany and ADK in danger.


The contestants were given yet another task during Sunday’s session. The contestants were asked to rate their performances on a chart. While Vikraman and Azeem gave it 9 out of 10, Dhanalakshmik rated her performance 10 out of 10. Kamal Haasan then asked the contestants to rate each other’s performances by exchanging ratings. This left Myna Nandhini with 2/10 and Dhanalakshmi with 4/10.

Kamal Haasan saved Rachitha from eviction.


Manikanta, Janany and ADK were the last three contestants in danger. A mug with the names of the three contestants was placed in the living room. When ADK chose Manikanta’s name, Kamal Haasan said “let’s talk again”. He felt that Manikanta was outcast and was ready to be kicked out. Kamal Haasan then interrupted and said Janany was fired.

Here is the video:

Janany bid a tearful farewell to the show and wished all the contestants good luck. Amudhavanan, who shared a close bond with him, was completely broken. Vikraman and Shivin were consoling Amudhavan as they prepared for another week.

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