BJP leader Rajgopal Reddy terms protesting Congress workers as ‘barking dogs’

BJP leader and former MLA from Munugode, Komatireddy Rajgopal Reddy on Tuesday termed Congress workers as “barking dogs”.

Date of publication – 19:08, Tuesday – 6 September 22

BJP leader Rajgopal Reddy to Congress workers

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Nalgonda: BJP leader and former MLA from Munugode Komatireddy Rajgopal Reddy on Tuesday called Congress workers “barking dogs” and said they did not care. He had a difficult time entering the village of Thungapdu Nampally mandal in the district as Congress members surrounded his vehicle. Instead, he says “barking dogs”.

When Rajagopal Reddy arrived in the village to attend a meeting organized by some grassroots Congress leaders to join the BJP, Congress activists objected to his entry into the village and stopped the vehicle at the Thungapadu entry point.

The ardent Congress activists even dared Rajgopal Reddy to get down from the vehicle if he feels like it. There was high tension as a heated debate broke out between Congress and BJP members.

After the police swung into action and controlled the two different groups, Rajagopal Reddy managed to enter the village and went to the meeting. Congress members also interrupted Rajgopal Reddy’s speech raising slogans against him. Rajagopal lost his cool and said he didn’t mind the “barking dogs”.
As the temperature rose due to his remark, Rajgopal Reddy finished his speech and left the town.

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