Challenging Star Darshan & ‘Pushpavati’ Nimika Ratnakar slay the dance floor

It looks like Challenging Star Darshan & co. He has put the whole Hosapet incident behind him for the good times when everyone rolls up their sleeves. The band released their much-awaited third single and put all the controversy and media hype on the backseat as they invite everyone to dance to ‘Pushpavati’. The latest song is the break that the industry needs right now and DBoss himself seems to be flashing joy and optimism with his exquisite pride.

Pushapavati highlights Yogaraj Bhat’s wordplay, in the form of lyrics, with Kranti’s writer-director and music composer V. Harikrishna providing the voice along with Aishwarya Rangarajan. The song has prominent Shankar-Jaikishan-esque brass and percussion sections, which gives the dance number a great sense of nostalgia. To top it off, Master Ganesh’s choreography is full of hook steps that will be very popular in the days to come.

Considering that Pushpavati’s lyrics are written in a North Karnataka dialect, one might assume that the makers were inspired to launch the song in the cultural city of Hubballi. Keeping up the tradition, Darshan and Kranti’s core team were present at all the activities in Hubballi and allowed the large crowd to be a part of the celebrations. The previous two singles were released in Mysuru and Hosapet respectively.

Pushpavati also introduces Nimika Ratnakar who joined the team and fans are in awe of the on-screen chemistry she shares with Darshan. The song garnered nearly half a million views on YouTube within two hours of its release and is currently one of the most trending topics on social media.

Krantik also stars Rachita Ram, Sumalatha Ambareesh, V. Ravichandran and others, with Shylaja Nag and B. Suresha as producers. The film will be released in theaters on January 26.

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