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18 May, 2021 Prabu No Comments

I got this game a couple months ago, and I have been playing it NONSTOP! This game is so amazing because when I am stressed this game really helps me release it out. But, I noticed some weird things going on. When I’m playing a song, I just go and play it and match the balls in the right color. But, when I play the song again or if I play a different song, I can’t hear the music. My hearing is perfectly fine! There must be some weird glitch in the game where the game suddenly has no music for a minute or so…but it’s a weird glitch. I still LOVE this game.

How to Get Rid of the Silent Noise: First, when that ever happens to me, I just get out of the game. Click the circle button on the bottom of your phone/iPad 2 times, swipe up on the game, then I go back in. Once I try a song, it works again.

For the Developer: Hi! I’m Katie, and I love this game. It is amazing. But, there is one thing. There is a weird glitch that I can’t hear the music when I play a song. That doesn’t happen in every song…but the song plays, and after I play that song, when I do another it is not working well. I don’t know if there is a bug or something. But that is all that I really wanted to say. It is a weird glitch. But…bye!

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