Coronavirus: Know 2022’s most affected countries due to Covid 19

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Image source: FREEPIK Discover the countries most affected by Covid 19 in 2022

The year 2022 began with the end of the second wave of the worldwide coronavirus (Covid 2nd wave) and the beginning of the third wave (Covid 3rd wave). But, this year in China it is ending with a new wave of corona. Yes, talking about the latest situation, even today 5,242 people have died in China due to Corona. According to the Reuters news agency, there have been 383,175 corona cases in China in the last 24 hours and there is news that there are no places in hospitals and people are being treated on the ground. The funeral home is full of dead people.

Corona kept coming back throughout the year

After reading the report above, you must understand that Corona was coming back this year. With this low back, cases of corona continued to grow rapidly all over the world. According to the WHO report, today, that is until December 19, 2022, 6,645,812 people have died due to corona worldwide (Global Death Toll). In addition to this, 649,038,437 corona cases have been confirmed. Among them the first 5 countries are:

1. USA – Total Cases: 98,525,870, Deaths – 1,077,129

2. India – Total Cases: 44,676,087, Deaths – 530,674
3. France – Total cases: 37,716,837, Deaths – 156,731
4. Germany )- Total cases: 36,980,883, Deaths-159,884
5. Brazil- Total cases: 35,751,411, Deaths-691,449

In these months of 2022, the fear of Corona knocked on the doors

1. From January to March 2022

From January to March 2022, new corona cases kept coming in America, France and India. In this, most of the talks were on Delta Variant and Omicron Variant. During this period, when the lockdown was ending worldwide, the graph was wavy and saw a sudden rise and fall of cases.

2. From April to June 2022

Then, suddenly, in the second week of April, there was news of an increase in corona cases. At this time there was talk of the third wave of the Corona in parts of America and Africa, where, due to the lack of vaccination, the Omicron variant (subvariant) BA.2, BA.4 and BA.5 appeared in people. . seen During that time there were news that the fourth wave of Corona would come to India, but nothing like that happened. Yes, occasional few cases of BA.4 and BA.5 were reported in densely populated cities like Maharashtra and Delhi.

3. From July to November 2022, the graph of Covid decreased worldwide

From July to November 2022, the crown chart started to fall all over the world. People completely returned to their normal lives and during that time people took the corona vaccine.

4. Corona has caused disasters again in China in December 2022

It’s the end of the year and this month is seeing the corona crash again in China. In the next 90 days, it is believed that 10% of the earth’s population will be infected with corona. However, China’s situation is very bad at the moment and thousands of people are dying every day due to this infection and this graph may worsen in the coming days, which is early 2023.

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