Author: Julie Johansen

The entire student body at Cottonwood Elementary danced in an auditorium filled with family and friends on Monday. Each class performed individually, dancing to their favorite Christmas carol.

The evening began with illuminated plates in the hands of Mrs. Rasmussen’s kindergarten students. Students clapped their plates to the beat of “The Nutcracker.” The first graders in Mrs. Norton’s class then hit the floor with plastic cups to the song “Sleigh Ride.”

Mrs. Atwood’s second graders were sparkling snowflakes dancing to the tune of “Winter Wonderland.” The third graders in Mrs. Taney’s classroom swung around the Christmas tree with candy canes. The fourth graders in Mrs. Alton’s classroom were snowmen to the tune of Frosty, while Mrs. Tuttle’s fifth graders danced to “I’ll be Home with Bells On.”

With all the ranks lined up on the hall floor, there was a “Merry Christmas” presentation at the end.