COVID-19: PM Modi urges Indians to be ‘vigilant’ amid rising cases in many countries

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Image Source : PTI/ REPRESENTATION (FILE). COVID-19: PM Modi urges Indians to be ‘vigilant’ amid rising cases in many countries

PM Modi on COVID-19 cases: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today (December 25) asked people to be vigilant and take appropriate measures against the COVID-19 pandemic, saying that the coronavirus is spreading in many countries including China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and the United States.

In his last ‘Mann ki Baat’ of 2022, PM Modi said that many people are on holiday or will be going on Christmas and New Year. He asked them to follow protocol: wear face masks and wash their hands to ensure their enjoyment is not harmed by the coronavirus.

The central government has stepped up measures against the virus, as cases have risen, especially in China, where the removal of the zero-Covid policy has caused the spread of the pandemic.

Modi has also chaired meetings and his government has written to states to put in place appropriate measures to deal with any mistake. The Prime Minister said that the outgoing year, 2022, has been inspiring for India in many ways.

India achieved a unique place in the world with a whopping 220 million plus doses of vaccines and it claimed that the country had become the fifth largest economy in the world.

The country also achieved a “magical” export figure of $400 billion (billion = 100 million) and made new strides in the space, defense and drone sectors, he added, noting its achievements in sports.

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