COVID19 BF.7 variant updates Expect close to 100 million cases 1 million deaths in China say Doctors latest updates

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Image Source: MANSUKH MANDAVIYA (TWITTER). Updates on COVID-19: Expect about 100 million cases, 1 million deaths in China, doctors say.

Updates for COVID-19 BF.7 variant: Doctors expect roughly 100 million COVIDs and 1 million deaths in China due to recent spike in infections. “Based on mathematical calculations, we expect around 100 million COVID cases in China, five million admissions and one million deaths, which is a huge number,” said Dr Neeraj Kumar Gupta, HOD of Pulmonary Medicine at Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital on Saturday. Gupta said that China is at the same stage as India was earlier, but India now has good experience in fighting the virus.” it is not that serious, but very infectious,” Gupta said. He said Chinese citizens have low immunity because of the country’s strict lockdown strategy.

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