CPM to severely introspect party cadres to avoid corruption, misuse of power

Thiruvananthapuram: The CPM state leadership has decided to initiate initiatives to “cleanse” the party of corruption and abuse of power as it enters its second consecutive term in power in Kerala. The party held a wide-ranging discussion in the state committee meeting held on the last two days.

Opinions emerged at the meeting to remind the party of West Bengal’s disadvantage after frequent victories in the assembly elections. Therefore, the Kerala state leader of the party decided to stop such wrongdoings at the initial stage itself.

The leadership of the party has thought of meeting district committees to carry out the proposals. Detailed inspections will be carried out from the branch committees to the district level and strict action will be taken against violators.

The party noted that those who have no value for communist values ​​are finding their way to the party through various organizations. For this reason, the party management has warned that the party members must remain vigilant.

Another challenge discussed in the meeting was the growing menace of drugs in society as well as party members.

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