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‘I’m innocent…ok?’: Serial killer Charles Sobhraj on Nepal killings

French serial killer Charles Sobhraj said he was innocent of the two murders in Nepal as he served nearly 20 years in prison. “When I went in (to prison), I didn’t do anything,” Charles Sobhraj told AFP as he was put on a plane to be deported to France after his release. Read more

Kirti Azad says “sorry” to “not men…” Tweet after PM Modi’s party rap

Trinamool leader Kirti Azad on Friday apologized for her comment on PM Modi’s Khasi tribal attire after defending her comment as a compliment to PM Modi’s fashion sense, saying her comment was misunderstood and hurt people’s sentiments. Read more

Kareena Kapoor shocked after Vivek Oberoi said ‘fikaar not, apun hai’ to help her settle her college attendance

Actor Vivek Oberoi recalls how he helped actress Kareena Kapoor when she joined Mithibai College in Mumbai, where she was also studying. In a recent interview, Vive said that he was a few years older than Kareena, he had trouble attending. Read more

Diabetes: Effective tips for managing blood sugar during the Christmas holidays

It’s time to be merry and it’s time to indulge in Christmas treats and treats. But for people with diabetes, Christmas and New Year’s can be quite stressful as they throw a wrench in their normal routine and manage their blood sugar levels become a challenge. Read more

Highest Bidders in IPL Auction 2023

IPL 2023 auctions: Teams have selected their perfect permutations and combinations for their teams. Click here to find out which players were the highest bidders.

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