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Senior executives from Google’s global and India teams met at the company’s India event earlier this week and while they announced a slew of new developments, features and tools, one stood out in particular.

Google Search, the foundation of the company, literally the rock on which it was built, has introduced some key new features, namely Multisearch. Essentially, this allows users to take a photo of an object they want to identify, add text, and then search for it by pointing to a particular thing and asking what it is.

Given that Google’s worldwide revenue in Q3 2022 was $69.1 trillion, of which $54.5 billion came from Google advertising (including Google search revenue, YouTube ads, and the Google Network), multiple search opportunities . they are really huge and profitable according to experts.

Umesh Shashidharan, Head of Media Planning and Operations at FoxyMoron (Zoo Media) enthuses, “Google, as always, brings the latest search. For advertisers, the first step will be to see this take off in the Indian market. If voice search takes off in India like it did, It will be a great addition.”

“If it’s compatible with regional languages, marketers will have their desks full, trying to strategize and implement this new opportunity. It will open up new opportunities both from the point of view of organic and paid media”, he added.

While the multi-search tool is currently only available in English, Hindi is expected to be introduced soon next year, with regional languages ​​expected to follow. In fact, many of the developments announced at Google India 2022 were aimed at making Google more accessible in more regions, which meant, above all, that shopping became much more personalized.

Shrenik Gandhi, founder and CEO of White Rivers Media, noted that shopping is undergoing a dramatic transformation. “With the rise of experiential shopping, everyone is striving to leverage interactive technologies and artificial intelligence to provide their audience with the best and most seamless shopping experience. Brands can now take advantage of Multisearch Near Me and Scene Exploration to bring their products to the fore and get more discovery in the digital marketplace. to enjoy

Raghav Bagai, co-founder of Sociowash, also believes that Google Multisearch will open up a new dimension of user behavior. “This new feature will help us understand how users use it to search for images. In the SEO world, the Image Search tool has been underutilized and Google has integrated it well over time. Brands like fashion, home decor, interior, etc. will have direct use cases for this feature.” .

In fact, Google claims that more than 8 billion people use Google Lens for visual searches every month, with India leading the way, and in no small measure.

Tanvi Bosmia, Associate Account Manager at SoCheers, says there’s no doubt that Google search is one of the most accessible discovery features on the platform with over 100 billion monthly searches. “Therefore, the new search feature is likely to improve the Indian consumer’s purchase journey at the search stage. For brands, it will provide new ways for them to reach this audience through more comprehensive search marketing efforts.

Vikas Kumar, founder and CEO of digital ROI points out that multiple searches will lead to more attention for indexing the images on your website. Specific images that use alt tags with your keywords will help users find websites, he said.

“Consumers who do not know the name of the design or color of the clothing can still search for what they need. It can be a great way to bring in more business. Local businesses can also take advantage of the multi-search option. Someone looking for a broken part repair can click on a picture of the broken part and type “Repair”. Google will direct users to local repair shops,” added Kumar.

Bosmia agrees, saying, “Creatively, this new feature gives marketers the opportunity to combine both image and text search media in some unique executions. Additionally, Google is leveraging the latest advances in artificial intelligence to make the search process more intuitive and natural for its users, which has the potential to further open up AI integrations for brands in the search marketing space.

Gandhi concludes, “If you ignore the importance of multisearch, your business could be missing out on a large segment of consumers. Your target audience will now access content from your website, app, and other online platforms in new and cutting edge ways, Google as a result of its efforts to improve the search experience of its customers. As a best plan of action, ensure that all of your images and website pages are optimized for search.”

Aabha Singh, Senior Manager – Content, TheSmallBigIdea, states: multi-search feature, matching text with images will help brands reach an audience that is more visually inspired than simply describing their needs or requirements. “Advertisers will have a ball game with strategies designed for multiple audiences, as this feature promises to reach a region and demographic that Google doesn’t currently have,” he says, whining. The multi-search feature may be the irony we wanted to see about the law of diminishing marginal utility, since from now on consumption will only exceed and increase.

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