Delhi-bound SpiceJet flight from Kolkata delayed by 4 hours

A Kolkata-Delhi SpiceJet was delayed for several hours on Tuesday, causing inconvenience to passengers.

Rajesh Saha

Kolkata,UPDATED: 20 December 2022 21:00 IST

As SpiceJet tweeted on Tuesday morning, all flights from Delhi are likely to be delayed due to inclement weather.

As SpiceJet tweeted on Tuesday morning, all flights from Delhi are likely to be delayed due to inclement weather.

Author: Rajesh Saha: A SpiceJet flight from Kolkata to Delhi was delayed by four hours on Tuesday. The flight, which was supposed to leave at 6:15 in the morning, finally left at 10 in the morning.

Passengers at the Kolkata International Airport complained of non-cooperation by SpiceJet staff as their flight was delayed several times.

Speaking to India Today, one of the passengers said, “At around 4:50 am we received information that the flight has been delayed by half an hour, which means it will leave at 6:45 am. Then the flight was delayed several times. Finally the flight. This morning It took off at 10. No ground staff was available to help. SpiceJet staff initially did not provide information, and later informed us that due to technical glitches, the flight was delayed.”

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Sources say that SpiceJet flight number SG 8130 was supposed to leave Kolkata for New Delhi at 6.15 am but was repeatedly delayed. Repeated delays in SpiceJet flights led to unrest among passengers traveling from Kolkata to New Delhi. The disgruntled passengers demanded a refund from the SpiceJet airlines, the sources added.

One passenger blamed management issues behind the delay.

One of the passengers told India Today, “A source on board confirmed that there was an HR issue and a shortage of back-up pilots and captains. So they had to make a bogus claim of technical fault.”

However, SpiceJet sources said, “The flight has been delayed due to operational reasons due to inclement weather in Delhi.”

SpiceJet also warned its passengers through several tweets since early morning. At 6:34 am, SpiceJet tweeted: “Due to inclement weather at Delhi (DEL), all departures/arrivals and consequent flights may be affected. Passengers are requested to check their flight status.”

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