Delhi HC asks Newslaundry if they would consider removing videos containing ‘disparaging remarks’ against TV Today Network

The Delhi High Court on Tuesday sought the stand of online news platform Newslaundry on whether to delete videos of Kalli Purie, vice-chairman of TV Today Network.

A division bench of Justices Manmohan and Saurabh Banerjee asked Newslaundry’s counsel to get directions to delete the Purie video and asked its counsel to delete the video, which allegedly contains “some malicious remarks” against journalists. net.

On the copyright infringement raised by the network against the platform, the HC said that there was no copyright infringement, and that the platform’s programs were in the exercise of “fair comment”. “We have to be thick-skinned. It’s good for everyone. We agree with you on two counts. (Video) daughter (Kalli Purie)… and comments from reporters. The rest is for commentary,” the bank said verbally after showing some videos.

After Newslaundry’s counsel sought time for clarifications, the HC listed the matter on March 14, 2023.

Last year, TV Today Network, which owns news channels like Aaj Tak and India Today, filed a lawsuit against Newslaundry and its employees for defaming its reputation through its programs. As an interim measure, it requested that the allegedly defamatory and commercially derogatory content be removed from the website. The online portal also accused him of infringing copyrighted content.

However, on July 29, a single judge, Asha Menon, refused to grant interim relief to the network, stating that it will be in the “public interest” that every broadcaster has the right to comment and criticize current affairs. and review, including programs created by others”.

On allegations that Newslaundry was portrayed in a bad light by the TV Today Network, the court said the decision can only be made after the trial. Justice Menon said that while some of the content on the portal was “ex facie defamatory or disparaging of TV Today Network programmes”, others were criticisms and opinions.

Although the judge accepted that there was a prima facie case in favor of the network, that alone did not entitle the network to a temporary injunction because Newslaundry must be given the opportunity to prove its justification and fair dealing defenses at trial. The network challenged the order of the single judge in appeal before the division bench. Newslaundry also appealed, saying the single judge’s remarks were wrong and contravened the law on defamation and disparagement.

“Ld. The Single Judge in his judgment and order dated 29.07.2022 has completely failed to hold that the content of the appellant (Newslaundry) is within the ambit of “fair criticism” and “satire” and therefore has nothing on the content created by the appellant. Defendant No. 1 (Gaur Telebista) would be defamatory in itself,” the platform claimed in its appeal.

Judge Menon said in his ruling that the use of words in Newslaundry’s content such as “shit standards”, “shit play” on the channel, “shit journalists” and “shit show” showed that the platform intended to “express programming”. /the plaintiff’s shows are bad”. The single judge further held that “the fact that one of the anchors was engaged because he had great power to start a mutiny appears to belittle the plaintiff’s ability to hire the anchor, besides questioning the anchor’s own abilities.” , and it is not clear how the platform will justify such statements.

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