dhamaka: Dhamaka Twitter review: Moviegoers praise Ravi Teja’s action comedy, ‘Best entertainment this Christmas’

Telugu action comedy Dhamaka starring Ravi Teja Swamy and Anand Chakravarthy will hit theaters on Friday, December 23. The audience will be delighted to see the combination and chemistry of his dual role in Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja.

Swamy (Teja) is a poor, unemployed slum man who finds it difficult to find more than one job a month, while Anand Chakravarthy (Teja again) is a millionaire with 1000 people. The job can take a month. Meanwhile, Pavani (Three) is in love with both of them. Swami and Anand go their separate ways, but fate brings them together to fight a common enemy.

Swamy (Teja) is a poor and unemployed neighbor who has at least directed Trinadha Rao Nakki. He visited the theater on opening day and shared his impressions on Twitter. Twitterati hailed the film as “the best entertainment this Christmas”.

One tweet said, “#Dhamaka Pure vintage Ravi anna stuff best entertainment Christmas best entertainment all getting positive reviews,” while one user tweeted, “Dhamaka is a pure theater movie, a must watch in crowds.”

Another viewer wrote, “Avoid the negative reviews! Experience the action and energy of The Vintage Ravi Teja only in cinemas! A feast for RT fans.

Along with Ravi Teja and Sree Leela, Dhamaka also stars Jayaram, Sachin Khedekar, Tanikella Bharani, Rao Ramesh, Pavitra Lokesh and more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1- Is Dhamaka inspired by a true story?
No, Dhamaka is not based on a factual event or incident, but a remake of a South Korean thriller film called The Terror Live, which is also not based on a true story.

2- Is Dhamaka a successful film?
Netflix has paid 85-135 crores for the digital rights of the movie Dhamaka. Dhamaka is the first such film in the Corona count, after Bollywood’s Laxmi, whose digital rights crossed the 100 crore mark.

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