Do away with ranks like petty officer to shed colonial legacies: Navy chief at Agenda Aaj Tak

At the Agenda Aaj Tak event on Saturday, the Indian army chief reiterated that the military must shed its colonial heritage and suggested scrapping ranks such as junior officers.

Akshay Dongare

New Delhi,UPDATED: 10 Dec 2022 15:13 IST

Navy Chief Admiral Hari Kumar at the Agenda Aaj Tak event.

By Akshay Dongare: Army Chief Admiral Hari Kumar on Saturday reiterated the need to do away with colonial practices in the armed forces and specifically the Indian Army. The Army chief said that some groups have been formed in the Army which are reviewing all the archaic rules, regulations and traditions which are irrelevant and should be removed including some appointments.

Speaking exclusively to Agenda Aaj Tak, the army chief said, “We have formed a team to look into which naval practices are archaic and irrelevant today. The navy has evolved over many centuries and some practices are still being followed. They are useless today. value, so why continue.”

Speaking about changing the appointments of some non-commissioned ranks, Admiral R Hari Kumar questioned the appointment of petty officers and petty officers in the navy.

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”In our marines there is a rank called petty officer. What is pettiness? Why should you be a petty officer, above that there is a level called a petty officer, why should you be a petty officer? We can give these levels a better name,” said the Army chief.

Admiral Hari Kumar also suggested that some ranks and designations may be the same in the Tri services (Army, Air Force and Navy), making the tri services common.

Statement on changes in the navy The navy chief, in an annual press conference, said that a process is underway to remove all the rules and regulations that are part of the colonial past and surplus to the current era. If he did, he said he would remove it “Gulami ki mansikta” (chains of slavery).

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently unveiled the Indian Navy’s new ensign ‘Nishaan’ in a move to “get rid of the colonial past”. The new flag dropped the Cross of St. George and included the royal seal of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

While unveiling the new ensign, PM Modi said, “Until now the identity of slavery remained in the flag of the Indian Navy. But from today, inspired by Chhatrapati Shivaji, the new flag of the Navy will fly in the sea and in the sky.”

Admiral Hari Kumar said that the directives of the senior government leader encouraged the idea of ​​removing colonial legacies from the country’s military.

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