Festive season brings surge in workload for police, ambulance service | News

This year, some people may feel aggrieved at being “cheated” on days off during the week, the festive season, however, means a surge in work for the Police and Border Guard Board (PPA), ambulance service (Kiirabi). hospitals and other key agencies.

Alcohol plays a major role in traffic accidents and domestic violence cases, unfortunately.

Vallo Koppel, head of PPA South Prefecture, told ETV “Aktuaalne kaamera” (AK) news: “For some, the holidays are not a time of joy, but sadness and fear, when the perpetrators of violence put people and even children at risk.”

“The second concern, of course, is traffic, where people really believe that danger ‘I drank so little, I can drive right away’ or the next day don’t think about their condition and get behind the wheel while they are still drunk.”

Family therapist Kristina Timmuski told AK that intimate partner violence has increased by about a third, based on her experiences at the Tartu women’s shelter, largely blamed on alcohol.

Most of the events take place during and after the holidays, however.

“This is obviously a consequence of the fact that the family gets together during the holidays and there is no opportunity to seek help. When an abuser returns to their new responsibilities (i.e. work, etc.), then the victim can also find an opportunity to seek help,” she said. Timmuske.

Problems that do not involve others can also arise, including loneliness.

Veronika Reinhard, head of the board of the Tartu ambulance service, said that self-harm incidents also tend to increase during Christmas and New Year, often involving those who are alone.

If you find yourself alone during the festive period, or in any case, great care should be taken to avoid overconsumption, food and even alcohol, and make sure that candles are extinguished before going to bed, for example.

Also, Reinhard has asked a neighbor, acquaintance or friend who can be alone to contact and monitor relatives, or when necessary.

Although a Cromwellian abolition of Christmas does not appear to be on the cards, excessive drinking remains as ever a major specter of violence and drunk driving, possibly due to security conditions, rising inflation and high energy prices, along with severe weather conditions. , don’t do anything to lighten things up.

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