Font Maker Keyboard on the App Store Download

26 May, 2021 Prabu No Comments

This was fun to use, and I liked that you really could customize everything, but just a warning:

MAKE SURE you allow all access for this app BEFORE you start making the font. If you leave the app before you’ve downloaded your font (which you can only do after you’ve made all 96 characters), ALL YOUR PROGRESS WILL BE LOST. Also, BE WILLING TO PAY for your font. It’s a couple dollars a month if you want to have it, or from what I can tell, you can download it for free as long as you give it total access before you start.

All in all, it’s pretty fun, but really annoying that you can’t save your progress, and that it doesn’t tell you you have to give it access or pay before you start. I lost my font twice because of these things, so I just wanted to give you a warning.

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