For young Carnatic music artists, all roads lead to Chennai

After two years, Chennai’s sabhas are crowded with young artistes from all over the world who get the chance to perform in front of the audience and music judges at the music festival.

Young artists at Chennai music festival
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Anirudh Raja, a young Carnatic vocal artist from the US, is among the artists from the US, Australia, Canada and India who have landed in Chennai this year to perform at the Margazhi Music Festival.

After two years, Chennai’s sabhas are crowded with young artistes, the opportunity to perform in front of the audience and music judges.

“This year, we have selected around 130 young artists and all the sabhas have given them opportunities to perform,” said Swami Sabha secretary M Krishnamurthy Parthasarathy. the federal. “During the Covid years, we asked them to send videos of themselves singing or playing any instrument. The main artists, who were the judges, chose from among the young people and gave the prizes.”

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Parthasarathy Swami Sabha conducted a test for all those who wanted to perform at the music festival. “Every year we are increasing the number of young artists who want to perform at the Music Festival in December. We did the Yuva Sangeet Festival where the youth send us videos,” said Krishnamurthy.

Prizes running

The Sabha also gives awards for the best performance at the end of the music festival. “This year we will award two prizes for the best vocal performance, two violinists and two mridangam players. Upcoming artists are given the opportunity in the afternoon. Most of them have the opportunity to play at 12:30 or 14:00”, said the secretary.

(It’s an unwritten code at the Chennai music festival. Less experienced artists and amateurs get morning, afternoon or evening slots. The most important artists get the 6pm slot).

The video shoots of the young artists were also done in Chennai, Bengaluru, New Delhi, Pune and abroad.

Interest among young people

Anirudh Raja was born in the San Francisco Bay Area and his Carnatic music journey began as a disciple of Sandeep Narayan. He also learns Hindustani voice from Sri Nachiketa Yakkundi, a disciple of Pandit Basavaraj Rajguru.

Similarly, Samanvi and Archana performed in the evening concert at Parthasarathy Swami Sabha. Those in the audience praised the two young artists for their skillful handling of the “toughness”. ragas.

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“This year we have young people come with notes and pens to record the explanations of the main artists who come to the lectures ragas and cuttings. It shows that there is still growing interest among the youth not only looking for opportunities to perform, but to experience Carnatic music in its entirety,” said Gana Sabha Secretary Y Prabhu Krishna.

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