Foreign medical graduates seek relief in internship term from NMC

Medical graduates from countries other than China, who are currently practicing, complain that they have been burdened with an extra year of practice due to a misinterpretation of the Supreme Court’s rules.

The Supreme Court ruled that students who took online classes must do two years of internship instead of one year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students who have returned from China have not been able to return to their country to complete their studies. Also, due to the Russia-Ukraine war, hundreds of students had to return early.

Claiming that the verdict was for students who had returned from China, where the coursework is only 4.5 years and they have to do a one-year internship to qualify, he said, “We do six years of theory and have to take it. The Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE), apart from one year of internship.We got the internship after waiting for 11 months.Now it’s seven years.”Med students who have done their undergraduate course in any other country have to qualify in FMGE and then they have to do their internship in India.

Graduates report further postponing their intention to pursue higher education. “We have reworked the online classes and we have also done the final exams offline. Two years of practice puts an extra burden on us. Internships are a draining process and we have to work constantly, sometimes from 24-48 hours”, pointed out a student.

87 affected students have explained their position to the National Medical Commission. A parent said that they have sent three representatives to the NMC, but they have not received any relief yet. The students had earlier represented the Tamil Nadu Medical Council, and directed them to approach the NMC.

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