Gory details emerge in Delhi’s Mehrauli murder case

New Delhi: The gruesome murder of Shraddha Walkar is getting grimmer as investigators expand their probe into the Mehrauli murder case. Accused Aftab Amin Poonawala tried hard to hush up the matter. The Delhi Police investigation reveals how the accused tried to mislead the investigators with a social media clue.

After Shraddha’s father’s complaint to the Mumbai police, Aftab Poonawala was summoned for questioning on October 26. He told investigators that Shraddha had left the rented flat in Mehrauli where her partner was living after a dispute on May 22. He told the police. he only took his cell phone. It was later revealed that Aftab had killed Shraddha four days earlier.

Police later learned that Rs 54,000 was transferred from Sharaddha’s account to Aftab using the mobile banking app on her phone. Police called him again earlier this month to question him and he told them he knew his passwords.

Delhi police sources told ANI that Aftab had planned to kill his girlfriend more than a week before the murder (May 18). Aftab told the police that he was determined to kill Shraddha, but put it off as he became emotional. He said that Shraddha had trust issues and would often get angry and it would end up in an incident between them. According to police, the live-in couple had an argument on May 18 after which Aftab killed his partner.

“I was afraid because I knew that if I threw the body somewhere they would catch me. I googled all night to find ways to dispose of the body and not arouse suspicion. I also searched on the internet what kind of helicopter I would have to use to dismember the body,” Delhi Police source Aftab said.

Earlier on Tuesday, Delhi Police took Aftab to the forest area of ​​Mehrauli, where he allegedly dumped Shraddha’s body parts after strangling her to death. He cut his body into 35 pieces and threw the pieces every night in the forests around Chhatarpur. The crime came to light six months after Shraddha and Aftab’s murder were arrested on November 12.

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