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A sword and a horse, Yi people picturesque.
Thank you all for coming to the world of “Green Glass”. In order to let Zhugong better play in the rivers and lakes, I hope that the “Green Glass” can fill out the questionnaire after the game. Your suggestion is us. The driving force for growth! Click on the link below to fill out the survey. “Green Glass” is maintained by everyone, thank you for your feedback~
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Welcome to other official channels, get first-hand game information!
Official website address:
official WeChat public number: Netease Green Glass
official microblogging: green glass

The Green glass official released. In-game language: Chinese
This is an offline game, login is not required

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Green Glass" is a self-developed indie game developed after Netease's "Is a picture, thousands of different organ puzzles, and a drastic battle experience. The immersive game soundtrack gives you a visual And audio-visual enjoyment.

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