Himachal Election Result, Gujarat Election Result: BJP Sets Gujarat Record, Congress Wins In Himachal: 10 Facts

Election Results: BJP workers in Gujarat have started celebrations

New Delhi:
The BJP won a landslide victory in Gujarat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state, breaking the Congress’ record ahead of the 2024 national elections. Congress, pulverized in Gujarat, won in Himachal Pradesh.

Here are 10 big updates on Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh election results:

  1. BJP has won 97 seats and is leading in 59 seats in Gujarat in another big victory driven by PM Modi. It will win about 160 of the 182 seats, the best ever for any party in the state.

  2. The Congress, which had given a strong performance in 2017, slumped to its worst ever tally in Gujarat, falling below 20. With a desperate and belated campaign, the party “gave in” long before the election.

  3. Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) celebrated silverware after a disappointing show in Gujarat (five) and Himachal Pradesh (zero) – due to its ‘national party’ status in Gujarat’s vote share.

  4. Despite a strong campaign, the AAP failed to dent the BJP in ‘Fort Modi’. What it did was eat into the Congress votes, effectively helping the BJP to an even bigger total.

  5. BJP has not lost in Gujarat since 1995. It is noteworthy that the party has not had to face him during his 27 years in power.

  6. Bhupendra Patel, who took over as chief minister a year ago, will be sworn in for a second term on December 12 (Monday). Home Minister Amit Shah said Mr Patel would return as chief minister if the BJP wins again.

  7. In Himachal Pradesh, after an initial scare, the Congress won 40 seats, a comfortable majority, with the BJP 25. AAP did not win a single seat.

  8. The BJP was banking on PM Modi’s achievements for a record second term in Himachal Pradesh for a smooth transition even as the state shifts responsibility between the BJP and the Congress every five years.

  9. Even if AAP does not manage to double the figures, its base in Gujarat is expected to bring about a change in the binary politics of Gujarat and present the BJP with a more durable and strategic opponent than the Congress. Party leaders have said that this election marks the beginning of AAP’s career as a national party.

  10. The Congress, focused on its big-picture Bharat Jodo Yatra, was seen campaigning in Gujarat, where it won 77 seats in 2017, and Himachal Pradesh, where the trend of the last few decades gives it a bonus point. In the Delhi polls — which had more voters than Himachal Pradesh — the Congress won only nine seats.

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