hit: HIT 2: Hindi trailer mocked for its shoddy dubbing

HIT 2 has been a triumph at the box office ever since its release on 2nd December. Not only has the picture done well in India, it has also performed well in the United States. After the success of Major, the biopic of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, Sesh is fast rising as a star in India, capable of delivering strong content and interesting performances. However, a recent act by the film producers of Adivi Sesh has left his admirers upset. Let’s investigate what caused the trolling of HIT 2.

What angered the Adivi Sesh fans?

The trailer of HIT 2 in Hindi has been released recently. The makers also announced that the Hindi dubbed version of the Telugu thriller will hit the theaters on December 30. The Hindi trailer of HIT 2 was not, however, available on YouTube. Instead, Komal was only available through Nahta’s Twitter handle. Fans were upset that HIT 2 was not marketed in Hindi at a time when the dubbed versions of several South films were doing well in the North.

The dubbing of the lead character Krishna Dev or KD played by Adivi Sesh in the Hindi trailer of HIT 2 has not been well received by the fans. Netizens who watched the Hindi teaser on Twitter noticed the discord in the dubbing voice, which dampened Sesh’s emotions, which were brilliantly conveyed in the original language. Another person said What is the meaning of fandub? Worst dub I’ve ever heard. A user also stated that they will not download the movie to watch it.

common questions

1.Adivi Sesh debut movie?

Sesh made his acting debut in Sontham (2002) as a minor character.

2. Is Adivi sesh dating anyone?

Asked if he plans to get married, Adivi said he might think about it at some point in his life.

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