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How to Send Whatsapp Message Without saving Number

25 Jul, 2020 Prabu No Comments

How to send a message without saving WhatsApp number:

Whatsapp is the largest user base social media, in that you can send or receive text messages, share the images, videos etc. But to perform that, always you have to save the number but, some times for sending a single reminder message we do not save the number. But default WhatsApp feature does not have the feature. But, with the help of the external interface, we can easily send a message without saving number or directly we can send the message to the number.

3 ways we can send the message directly to the WhatsApp without saving number.

Direct HTTP method:

This is a hard method can be used for sending WhatsApp messages directly, but the developer can use them easily. Just copy and paste the below-said code on your phone browser.


In that, replace the receiver number along with the international codes. After entering press the execute button. The browser request directly goes to your WhatsApp app to the respective number.


You need to send a direct message to the +951 67543236 means, you have to enter in place of receiver number to this 95167543236.

Using External application:

The external application allows making the above process easier. For that, you need to install an android app called watsdirect. After installation, the app goes inside and there choose the county code and then enter the phone number correctly. Also, you can send the text messages from that external app to WhatsApp directly. Then press the send button, the app redirects you to WhatsApp directly.

Instead of that, you can use the external website or chrome extension to perform the same function.

Download The App

Direct Website method:

It is the very simplest method for sending WhatsApp messages without saving contact numbers. Also, this method works only in android 9.0 and android 10. It does not work on stock devices. For that,

  • First, go to your chrome browser
  • In the address bar type the number along with the country code.
  • Then in the top of the screen, you see three dotted symbols, click that
  • There you see a WhatsApp option. Click that
  • It will immediately redirect you to WhatsApp app with respect to the receiver number which you have entered.


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